• How To Recover From an ACL Injury like a Pro How To Recover From an ACL Injury like a Pro
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    Knee Injuries: How Common Is A Torn ACL? A torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is a common knee injury, especially among athletes in high-impact sports, or activities that involve a lot of cutting and jumping. The injury itself is often caused by a swift change in direction, which is common among basketball players. A ruptured ACL can also just be a freak accident: something that happens on a relatively routine movement.
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  • Lessons on Mental Toughness Lessons on Mental Toughness
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    Want to become a better athlete? Train your brain. Even the best athletes in the world struggle with pre-race jitters, fear, self-doubt and pressure. Just like how they hone their physical craft, they work diligently to strengthen their minds, shut out the noise and set themselves up for success.
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  • Introducing Impact Introducing Impact
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    TriggerPoint announces the launch of new TriggerPoint Impact Percussion Massage Gun. Designed to prepare your muscles and help you recover faster pre- and post- workout, the high-performance Impact Massage Gun delivers controllable and targeted deep tissue massage with four speed settings. The new Impact also boasts a quiet, brushless motor which maximizes battery life and reduces noise. 
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  • How to Train While Traveling How to Train While Traveling
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    As tempting as it is to skip out on training when we have to travel, athletes understand that to be at our best, we must be prepared for days when the conditions to train may not be ideal. With many miles to go, hotel gyms to train in, and nutrition compromises that you might have to make, making the best of the situation helps us to grow. Fortunately, Harbinger can serve you well when it comes to training on the road. Harbinger accessories can prepare you get in a great workout anywhere at...
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  • How Mouth Guard Technology Has Evolved Through The Ages How Mouth Guard Technology Has Evolved Through The Ages
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    Over the years, sports apparel has progressed at an incredibly rapid rate. This is due in large part to the athletes themselves, who have gradually become bigger, faster and stronger.
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  • 6 Tips to Avoid Reinjury While Your Ankle is Healing 6 Tips to Avoid Reinjury While Your Ankle is Healing
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    Ankle injuries are among the most likely to reinjure after an initial injury. Some ankles never fully heal and are at a greater risk of reinjury for many years after an initial injury. But this is also a problem simply because we use our ankles so much. It's actually easier to protect a knee than an ankle because we step down with the foot and then remember that the leg is supposed to be out of commission. Worse, your ankle is at the end of your leg and is therefore unfortunately easy to...
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