For the past 40 years our company has been next to you, by keeping you in the game, by getting you back to the field, by having you perform at your peak. Being one of the most successful sports companies in Greece is simply a result of our hard work and passion for what we represent.

Our mission is to remain the most technologically advanced, safest, easiest and most convenient solution for our customers; by keeping up with research, technology, and introducing new innovative products designed with the needs of top athletes.

Through all of our success, innovation and challenges, the underlying factor is our drive to keep getting better.

Tzelalis Group is a leading provider of high-quality; orthopedic products and devices with a broad range of product lines used both preventively but also for rehabilitation, pain management and physical therapy.

Most of our products have leading market positions worldwide.

We believe that our strong brand names, large range of products, focus on quality, extensive distribution network, and our strong relationships with team trainers, physiotherapists, and orthopedic professionals, have contributed to our leading market position.

We strongly believe that we are one of the few sports medicine and orthopedic companies that have the ability to offer athletes, patients and medical professionals a wide range of products giving solutions to preventive, pre-operative, post-operative and rehabilitation care.

Our products are widely used by athletic trainers, physiotherapists, orthopedic specialists, surgeons, podiatrists, chiropractors, to treat athletes and patients with various musculoskeletal injuries.

In addition, many of our orthopedic products are used by athletes and patients for injury prevention and physical therapy treatment.

On the 40th anniversary of our company, we would like to thank you for your trust and loyalty!