With a sole purpose of our company being the satisfaction of our customers, we give you the opportunity, within 14 calendar days, to return any product you purchased from our store that did not fully meet your expectations.

For this to happen, returned products must meet the following requirements:

·         Products cannot be purchased through special offers

·         Products s cannot be returned once they are used

·         Products should be in their factory packaging. This packaging should be in good condition (not torn, crumpled, etc.)

·         Purchase document must be available (Invoice or retail receipt).

To make the return you need please follow the below steps:

·         Inform us as soon as possible about the return you wish to make.

·         Within 2 business days we will contact you for confirmation of the return and the other details of the return.

·         Once this is done, you should pack the products well so that the product can be safely transported to our warehouses.

·         Returned products upon receipt in our warehouses will be checked based on the above criteria as well as the accompanying documents. Should problems arise, these products will be returned to you at your own expense.