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The Power Of Going Pro

Train large groups & conduct complex activities
Create & save your own branded activities.
Share custom drills for remote training.
Conduct Athlete Performance tests to evaluate progress.
Leverage hundreds of predefined activities.
Manage the performance of every player.
Track and measure performance over time.

You'll get

A 12-month BlazePod Pro membership in 2 x 6 months codes.
Access to unlimited predefined activities.
Insights from analytics dashboards.

Data & Analytics

During each activity, every hit or miss of your tap-sensitive Pods is tracked as data, fed into advanced analytics dashboards.
With BlazePod, every session provides you with valuable insight on how to optimize your training to boost performance.


Our unique method has brought together an amazing community spanning all over the world.
BlazePod has led to thousands of real-life connections, new opportunities and unparalleled creativity that inspires us every day.
Our users are what make our product so special, demonstrating again and again how to use BlazePod for true excellence.

Complete your purchase on our website and you will receive your membership BlazePod Pro code on your e-mail.
You can activate you pro membership on the BlazePod app.

Download the BlazePod app for Android & for iOS.

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