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The Magnacoach is a double-sided magnetic, dry-erase board that allows coaches to align their team and track stats.

This two-sided board measures 9.8” x 0.4” x 11.8”; one side featuring a full court for diagramming plays, while the other allows coaches to set and adjust lineups using the 12 white and 12 yellow rectangular magnets.

The design also includes space to keep track of personal fouls, timeouts, and matchups. The perfect size for carrying around during the game, coaches can quickly and easily guide players throughout the game.

The board also features a durable clip on one side and includes a dry-erase marker with eraser as well as 24 magnets. 

Allows easy play diagramming and lineup adjustments with magnetic tiles.
Keeps track of team and personal fouls and timeouts in statistics area.
Includes dry-erase marker with eraser and magnet size (x24).
Full court for play diagraming.
Set lineups, track team and personal fouls, timeouts and matchups.
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