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Get creative with your workouts with the Perfect Sliders. A versatile addition to every workout routine, Sliders will engage and strengthen multiple muscle groups. The uniquely designed teardrop shape allows for increased grip and control with your hands or feet while you tone your abs, arms, or legs. Perform your workout on any surface with the dual-sided sliders, using the black side on hard surfaces and the red side on soft surfaces. The Perfect Sliders includes 2 sliders and a 1-year manufacturer warranty. 

  • Versatile fitness sliders engage and strengthen multiple muscle groups; tone your core, legs or arms with a variety of workouts
  • Teardrop shape for increased grip and control for hands and/or feet
  • Dual sided for use on all surfaces; black side down on hard surfaces, red side down on soft surfaces
  • Great for use at home or at the gym
  • Two fitness sliders included in package
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