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The Harbinger® 7.5" Firm Fit Contour Belt is ergonomically designed with an extra wide 7.5" contoured panel and 5 segmented foam panels providing maximal support and comfort to stabilize the core muscles.

The 3" wide overlapping strap providing additional stability and promotes proper posture during strength training.

The adjustable strap with heavy gauge steel tensioning buckle customizes the fit to further optimize support and stability.

7.5"/18,5cm wide with 3" support strap promotes proper posture.
5 heavy duty contoured foam struts stabilize the lower back.
Ergonomically designed to fit the natural body shape.
Heavy gauge steel roller buckle for quick and easy belt adjustments.

The Harbinger® 7.5" Firm Fit Contour Weightlifting Belt conforms to the body for a snug and comfortable fit.

Designed with 5 support struts and a heavy gauge steel roller buckle, this belt is for serious weightlifters offering comfort and stability.


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