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BackJoy Seat Posture Corrector.

BackJoy is a safe and effective way to relieve lower back pain and improve posture. BackJoy seats tilts the pelvis, bringing the spine into a healthy position. This allows all muscles to move properly and you immediately experience a feeling of relief.

Backjoy relieves, prevents, and resolves (lower) back pain caused by sitting.

BackJoy uses the 'lever principle'. As soon as you sit down, body weight moves the pelvis forward and up. In this position, the back maintains its natural S-curve and muscles and vertebrae experience less stress. 

This simple but effective principle allows you to effortlessly maintain an ergonomic sitting posture. With BackJoy you will experience a reduction in back pain, neck pain, aching and tense muscles, spinal and nerve pain as a result of incorrect sitting posture after just day one. 

Suitable for every situation. 

Because of its simple design, the Backjoy can be used anywhere; on an office chair, dining room chair, hard sofa, and even on the floor. The seat allows you to sit comfortably for long periods without putting pressure on the lower back or tailbone. 

Backjoy Sitsmart Traction

BackJoy is an effective seating solution specially designed to relieve and prevent (low) back complaints. The product uniquely creates an active sitting position and corrects the position of the pelvis, making sitting upright easy. A correct and active sitting position can be an effective solution against, among other things, (low) back problems, neck pain, sore and tense muscles, vertebral and nerve pain. The Posture + has been specially developed for adults with a weight between 50 - 125kg. Recommended for: Office (office chair), home (kitchen table, computer), car and plane.


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