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Players of all levels will benefit from the Square Up training tool. This unique trainer helps improve shooting technique with a bright visual aid that fits around men and women's official size basketballs, 28.5in. & 29.5in. The Square Up features yellow triangles in certain positions of the black silicone strap to provide visual references for ball rotation and the shooter's alignment to the hoop. The design also encourages proper hand placement while shooting on the court. Durable straps stretch easily into place around the ball and hold firmly in position during practice. The Square Up includes the trainer as well as a Drills Guide.

  • Yellow triangles offer visual reference for ball rotation and shooter's alignment to the basketball hoop
  • Fits onto standard size men's and women's basketballs, 29.5-28.5 inches
  • Sturdy silicone straps hold firmly in place during practice
  • Teaches proper hand placement thanks to boxes created by the straps
  • Includes Square Up and Drills Guide

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